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Matcha The Sugar Destroyer

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A blended matcha designed to reduce sugar craving and help you lose weight.

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Matcha factory’s sugar destroyer blend combines the awesomeness of matcha with that of gymnema silvestre A.K.A. the sugar destroyer. 

Gymenma Silvestre is a tropical climbing herb that is also known as the sugar.  Gymenma silvestre has long been used to help regulate blood sugar levels and in weight-loss.  It has also been credited with reducing sugar cravings and the need to snack. 

This is why we’re blending it with our matcha:

  • regulates blood sugar
  • reduces sugar cravings
  • regulates weight loss
  • organic sugar-free, no preservatives or additives

The sugar destroyer blocks the sugar absorption in the intestines and lowers blood sugar levels slowly and naturally.  It prevents adrenaline stimulating the liver, which then produces excess glucose.  A study by The National Institute of Health in the USA suggests gymnema can be an effective and safe weight-loss formula that can facilitate a reduction in excess body weight and BMI, while promoting healthy blood lipid levels. 
The sugar destroyer starts to show its benefits after several weeks of use.


Use with meals.  Mix the same way that you would normal matcha.
Although there are no known side effects to this product we’d advise you not to take more than 8-10 grams in a day.
Not recommend for pregnant women or those with a milkweed allergy.  Do not take with insulin or antidiabetic drugs without consulting your doctor.

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